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"A sustainable environment is one in which the natural environment, economic development and social life are seen as mutually dependent".
-- Centre for Innovative Education

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Spring Update
- 2013

March 3, 2013 We're planting an Eastern Hemlock forest in May. would you like to join us?

Fall Update: Liscombe Game Sanctuary

The logging in Liscombe Game Sanctuary continues. Minister Hurlburt is twiddling his thumbs, continually announcing that he is about to make an announcement.

Fisheries and Oceans Undertakes Five Year Plan for Eastern Scotian Shelf

Regional Trails - Halifax Regional Trails Advisory Team readies itself to move from the umbrella of the HRDA to Halifax Municipality.

Bay of Islands Center Association began building community trails for public enjoyment of nature. Recreational trails in rural and wilderness areas hold the promise of economic benefits for rural communities. For trail users, the experience of spending time outdoors is a healthy and spiritually rewarding activity.

If you walk a trail, you feel great, but if you build a trail, you feel fantastic!

If you enjoy working in the woods, If you'd like to help out for a day, a week or more, why not volunteer to help at the Center - a day, a week or even longer (by special arrangement). To learn more about the Bay of Islands Trails Projects, go here!

We are still working on several trails of various lengths and different themes. Our interpretive trail is slow to finish as we try to squeeze a little more time from our daylight hours.

The Kelly Lake/Round Lake Trail is still on the drawing boards. We are committed to pursuing trails development for the Bay of Islands area, so it's time for more people to get involved and perhaps the illimination of a few other projects. timeseveral themes in the area. For more information or to view photos of our trail projects, go here!

Spring Update - 2005

Work at the Center is interrupted by a localized environmental issue, crucial to the future of the Bay of Islands region - large scale clearcutting in the Liscombe Game Sanctuary. Of the 140,000 acres, as much as 50% is now gone.

May 31st
Sanctuary Review Deadline

A letter is dispatched to Minister Hurlburt with copies to Premier Hamm, Environment Minister Morash, Education Minister Economic Development Minister Ernie Fage and others, demanding a logging moratorium at Liscomb Game Sanctuary. Others send supporting letters to Minister Hurlburt. Read On...

May 20th - Action Alert
The other groups were not aware that clearcutting of public lands continues in Liscombe. All attention is turned on Liscomb. Brad Armstrong calls the media. Bay of Islands starts expanding support further into Guysborough. CBC calls Gail Martin, wanting the Liscomb story.

May 14th, 2005
A Walk In a Liscomb Clearcut
We meet at the West Sanctuary Entrance and drive to Seloam Lake, the same day as a Saturday fishing derby is being held. We, and around 50 fishing derby participants drive through over a mile of clearcut along the lake, to reach the lakehead. Kimberly-Clark's contractors have pulled out within a day or two of our arrival. A few machines are left to be picked up later ... downed maples show their red spring buds...the dust has barely settled on this wasteland

Liscomb Collection #2 (album)

A walk through Seloam Lake clearcut, showing adjacent recovering forest.
Liscombe Game Sanctuary - West Side (Highway 374).

May 9, 2005 -
We visit Liscombe Game Sanctuary, West Side and take pictures:
Liscomb Collection #1

A few recent photos showing old clearcuts, regeneration and hardwood suppression in preparation for yet another single species extraction... sometime.

May 5th, 2005

Minister Hurlburt issues a press release granting an extension on the Sanctuary Review, but only until 4:00 pm, May 31st, 2005 (final day of the spring Legislative Assembly).

The following day, Hurlburt states (Daily News, May 6th) that he will consider a logging ban on all Sanctuaries.

May 4th, 2005 - Meeting with Minister
Following today's Legislative Assembly, Mr. Hurlburt met with around a dozen of us to hear our position on the Sanctuaries. Brand Armstrong, speaks for Blandford, a small sanctuary of around 1300 acres. They know what they want and ask for a "Nature Preserve". They speak of rare lichens and endangered Mainland Moose. Gail Martin speaks for Liscomb, emphasizing the need to retain the wilderness for the future of the 20 rural communities in the Bay of Islands region.

March-April, 2005

Individuals and groups concerned about Liscombe, Blandford, Chignecto and Waverly Game Sanctuaries mobilize and form a coalition. The object is to work as a collective provincial body. Brad Armstrong, Blandford Sanctuary proponent leads the way, gathering support from the opposition party and informing media.

Martin announces a 'Walk in Liscombe' for May 14th. (Chronicle Herald, May 12, 2005)

February 18, 2005 - Action Alert

Gail Martin, Bay of Islands Center, reacts to DNR's announcement to delist the Sanctuaries and sends Action Alert letters to conservation groups all over the province. A 6 month extension to the February 28th deadline is requested.

An online petition sends message after message to Minister Richard Hurlburt's office. Tony Duke, wildlife manager responds, asks for corrections.Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ecology Action Center and local environmental groups jump in to save 'all' the Sanctuaries being delisted.

Read details and view petition...

February 4, 2005 -

Canada's smallest province may be next in the nation-wide movement to ban genetically engineered crops. The Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly will hold committee hearings into the pros and cons of GE products. These discussions could lead to a decision that would establish PEI as Canada's first GE-free province.
Source: Council of Canadians ( read more... )

September 14, 2004
Minister takes advice from industry experts and ignores wishes of people who elected him. Read this and then send a message!

September 7, 2004 -
Jobs, Health and Environmental Sustainability are again sacrificed as offshore industry giants put pressure on politicians and the civil service to boost their short term profits.

September 29 , 2003 -
Eastern Shore Trails Destroyed by Hurricane Juan - Restoration Fund Being Considered

August 5, 2003 -
Stone Soup Festival volunteers
show team synergy during rained out celebration


The World

Social Change
Can you stand some reality? As the world approaches the point where the demand for oil outpaces supply, we are in for a rough ride.

Climate Change

Kyoto Protocol

Paul Ehrlich answers questions from readers
Grist Magazine


Links to Information on Nova Scotia Forests

Ecoforestry Institute Society of Canada

A website about ecoforestry in BC.

Eastern Shore Forest Watch

The Eastern Shore Forest Watch is a group of concerned citizens who support a vision of sustainable forest practices that bears in mind that humans are but one of hundreds of species in any region, each of which is important in its own right as an integral part of the ecological web.

Friends of Point Pleasant Park

A good website relating to the devastation going on.

Integrated Resource Management

This is the ecology action center's IRM web site

Low Impact Forestry

This extensive website is part of a collaborative project of the New Brunswick Conservation Council and the Federation of Woodlot Owners to extend the reach of low impact forestry onto Crown lands and to a greater number of private woodlots.

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is a non-government, charitable, conservation organization dedicated to protecting significant natural areas on private land in Nova Scotia.

Old Growth Forests

The Eastern Old Growth Clearinghouse is an organization dedicated to preserving old growth forests in Eastern North America.


Tobeatic Wilderness Committee

Sustainable Forestry in Canada An exerpt from the 1999 World Bank Report that identifies obstacles to sustainable forest management practices in the Maritimes.


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