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"A sustainable environment is one in which the natural environment, economic development and social life are seen as mutually dependent".
-- Centre for Innovative Education

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Hurricane Juan Destroys Trails

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Highway 7 Online Reader Proposes Restoration Fund

Several recreational trails in the HRM region have been destroyed or severely damaged by Hurricane Juan.

According to Jim Vance who works with the Salt Marsh Trails group, "There is no pleasant way of saying this - the SMT is destroyed. We are estimating repair costs of anywhere from $250,000 to restore it and up to one million to rebuild it so no future storm will reek such havoc again.

The group is very discouraged. We may commit to rebuilding to the first bridge ($100k?) and then focus on other trail plans. The bridges are OK except the second bridge suffered some damage to the abutments.

A reader of the Highway 7 Newsgroup [Highway 7 Online] hopes to set up a restoration fund for Saltmarsh and others suffering losses.

Crafty writes: "Re the trail, keep me posted - are they requesting donations towards restoration costs? memorium donations? etc. Heartbreaking after all the
work, time, effort and money put into it. And the hundreds of hours provided
by all the volunteers.

Our own Public Gardens and Point Pleasant Park destroyed - think they said
20,00 trees in the park completely destroyed, and gardens will never be the
same again. Those trees were over 100 years old, and their historical value
was priceless. Also, many of the varieties cannot be replaced.

Anyways, if there is some sort of memorium fund etc set up for the trail,
pls post on the highway 7 page or email me. I will add the notice to my
Jeddore homepage - if you want. Also, any other info you wish me to post on
my homepage just email me and I will set up a separate link just for that -
in addition to your own page of course - the more people we reach the

A very dearly loved friend who passed away in March was much involved with
the Musquodoboit Trail and family even had a tree planted in his memory. I
think a memorial fund might "get the ball rolling" as you said and provide
local families a way to honour their loved ones, and contribute to their own
area at the same time. Besides, the government may be quicker to respond to
a request for financial aid if they see local people also helping."

Personal Note - My thoughts & prayers are with all of you, (including my own
family) who remain without power and water.


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Canada - "70cm rise in sea levels will lead to flooding, coastal erosion"
NASA - "Will Climate Change Cause More Atlantic Hurricanes?"
WWF - "Global Warming could spawn Atlantic super-hurricanes"

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