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Waypoints: N 44°58.385
W 062°15.040 (WGS-84)

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Bay of Islands Centre for Sustainable Development
Bay of Islands Centre
Marine Drive
Eastern Shore
Nova Scotia

"A sustainable environment is one in which the natural environment, economic development and social life are seen as mutually dependent".
-- Centre for Innovative Education

Bay of Islands, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia
Coming from Halifax
on the Dartmouth side
(1 hour & 45 min.)

Follow the signs marked Eastern Shore or Marine Drive until you arrive at Highway #7/Musquodoboit. You will be travelling on Route #107 ( the fastest), #207 (most scenic) or old #7 through Cherrybrook and Preston. For more details, see maps below.

These highways all converge in Musquodoboit. Continue east down Highway #7 along the Eastern Shore through Sheet Harbour and Port Dufferin. This is the gateway to the Bay of Islands region. Follow Highway #7 another 20 minutes until you arrive at Moser River estuary at Necum Teuch Harbour. From the bridge, you can't miss the signs -- the Trail Stop Interpretive Centre is just ahead. Here's what you will see in the winter.

The Bay of Islands Centre is located just east of the Moser River Bridge.

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How to Get Here:


From Halifax Airport
(see detail below)

Follow Hwy #102 south towards Halifax.
Turn onto Hwy #118. Follow #118 to intersection with Hwy #107. Follow #107 until it merges with Hwy #7 near Musquodoboit Harbour. Continue on #7 for approx. 100 km (60 mi. To Moser River.
(red star)

The entire route is highlighted in yellow on this map. See detail maps below for more information.


is 1/2 way between
Halifax & Cape Breton

Just East
of Moser River

Coming from Cape Breton Causeway (3.5 hours) & Antigonish - 1 hour & 45 min.

Coming from Amherst via Truro - 1 hour & 45 min.

Here is a basic layout
of the grounds
where the
Center will grow

1. Trail Stop, Front Stage
2. Camping Entrance
3. Barn, Horse,
4. The Forge/Office
5. Unserviced Camping
6. Back Stage
7. Greenhouse
8. Hatch Media and Stone Soup Cafe (special events only)

Trail Maps up soon.


Coming from the Airport Detail

This shows the turn-off from Hwy #102 onto #118.

See also insert enlargement.

More ...


Follow sign "#107, Eastern Shore" and

turn off #118 at first bridge underpass onto #107.


Turn left at first traffic signal. Now follow #107 for abt. 25 km until it ends and merges with Hwy #7.


Turn right where #107 ends (Musquodoboit Harbour) and follow #7 all the way to Moser River, abt. 100km or 60 miles.


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