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"A sustainable environment is one in which the natural environment, economic development and social life are seen as mutually dependent".
-- Centre for Innovative Education

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1960 Holman Forge - Highway 7 and Nauglers Settlement Road, Moser River, NS"The Forge" was established in Moser River in the late 1800's by John Holman, Sr. The blacksmith shop or 'forge' made horseshoes, but also pots and pans, tools, square nails, hooks, wagon hitches and countless items needed by the community. The Holman blacksmith shop, which passed through successive generations of Holmans, also repaired cast iron cooking stoves and wagon wheels and in later years, automobile parts and the bicycles of local youngsters.

Fisher Holman, grandson to the original John Holman and the last smithy in Moser River, once repaired my brother's bike.

"How much do I owe ya, Mr. Holman?" I remember my 9 year old brother asking. "How much ya got?" the old gentleman asked. My brother had earned 7 cents carrying in wood and helping with barn chores. He reached deep in his pocket and held out seven copper pennies for the blacksmith to see.

"Seven cents!" said Fisher with a twinkle in his eye. He paused and wiped a blackened wrist across his forehead, leaving a huge smooch of soot. "Seven cents is exactly the right price!"

That was in 1952. A few years later, Fisher Holman retired and two decades after that, the old forge building was moved to Pictou Landing.

There, on the restored Pictou Heritage Quay, Moser River's blacksmith shop sitsModern Day Blacksmith works in old Holman Forge at Pictou Landing proudly in its new home, not far from the Scottish settler ship, "The Hector". All summer long, visitors stop and buy hand-forged souvenirs from a modern day 'heritage blacksmith".

Today, in Moser River, 'the new old forge' is housed in a small recycled 1800's building that was once the original "Shellnut House" homestead.

We call the later 1800's edition of the 'Shellnut House' "The Prospector's" after the profession of its most recent owner. It is located just next door to the Bay of Islands Centre and becomes "The Stone Soup Cafe" during special events at the Center.

The original one room house is now a highway gift shop and interpretive centre for eco-tourists who visit the Bay of Islands region, a special place on Nova Scotia's beautiful Eastern Shore.

In summer months, the arts and crafts of Nova Scotian artisans who work with local resources [wood, stone, shell, herbs, heritage seeds, tree seedlings, etc] are displayed for sale at the Trail Stop and at our online shop.

In winter, the Bay of Islands goes to market with displays set up at the various markets in Halifax/Dartmouth.

Visit The Old Forge Trail Stop and help support the various activities and sustainable living projects of the Bay of Islands Centre.


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