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If you believe that our goals and projects on behalf of sustainable rural living & Nova Scotia's dwindling natural resources are worthwhile, please consider becoming a member now.

Bay of Islands Centre for Sustainable Development
Marine Drive
Eastern Shore
Nova Scotia

"A sustainable environment is one in which the natural environment, economic development and social life are seen as mutually dependent".
-- Centre for Innovative Education

Event Policy

Bring blanket or lawn chair for outdoor seating

Rain or Shine (this year we'll have tents and a generator!!)
(Exception: Hurricanes and August gales move "Stone Soup" to the 3rd Weekend in August)

No Glass Containers

Not responsible for injuries or personal loss

No unauthorized motor vehicles or bicycles on festival grounds

for Volunteers
at the

Stone Soup Festival
in Moser River

The Bay Of Islands, Nova Scotia

July 29 - August 1, 2005

Stone Soup Story

For immediate help, please call (902) 347-2602

If you can contribute tools, materials or equipment,
please take a look at our

wish list.

If you can contribute a few hours of your time, either before or during the event, please take a look at our
volunteer page.

If you can contribute funds or services for marketing, communications, transportation, etc.,
please consider becoming a


If you'd like to help us make
this festival the best it can be,
here is a list of tasks for Volunteers:

This list will be updated as we go.

Please ask for the most recent version.


Unless otherwise noted, we have most of the materials. Some small trees may have to be cut for poles.

Please indicate if you're prepared to take charge of the task or if you're willing to assist others only.


General help

Just be here to lend a hand with whatever needs to be done.


Secure the barn

Make sure that all doors are shut and secured with nails, so that no unauthorized persons can get in and hurt themselves.


Prepare posts and poles

Collect poles already cut at the workshop area, then cut to length (4ft, 8ft, 12 ft, etc. then sharpen one end for driving into ground, then trim remaining small twigs etc to give smooth appearance.


Access control

Build barrier at the base of the driveway on Naugler's Settlement Rd. using spruce/fir poles


Access control

Build barrier at the foot of Parker's Loop to direct visitors to the driveway and prevent them from walking across the ditch and front lawn, use poles and red marking tape.


Access control

Build pole barriers in some places on the festival area to guide people along paths, etc. using poles, ropes and marking tape


Signs, placing

On the festival grounds, install posts for signs that will point to the different activities, toilets, etc. using posts, 2x4s etc.


Signs, painting

Help paint small signs to direct visitors to certain areas and activities


Picnic tables

Build 12 picnic tables (abt. 2x3 ft) using poles for legs and boards for tops



Build 12 simple benches (abt. 4ft long) using poles for legs and boards for tops.

More Benches

Build 4 or 5 more benches using logs.


Access control at Stone Soup Café

Build barrier at base of stairs to prevent visitors from going upstairs into 'private' section of house.


Stone Soup Café setup (1)

Set up tables and chairs, seating on deck


Stone Soup Café setup (2)

Install outside lighting (Christmas lights, etc)


Electrical / Handiman

Make minor repairs to outdoor lights donated to the festival


Electrical/semi skilled

Install outdoor lights and lights on stages


Grounds lighting

Install poles, etc, for outdoor lights (no wiring required here)


Grounds lighting

Assist in running electric power to the various areas of the festival grounds.


Cooking areas (2)

Help us find abt. 6 - 8 tubs from old washing machines, maybe take a trip to Sherbrooke or Sheet Hbr dump and remove the tubs from discarded washers. (we will pay for gas)


Cooking areas

Decide on location of cooking areas and prepare ground with small pads of gravel. Then prepare and build fireplaces using rocks, sand, and salvaged washer tubs.


Water supply

Place water pipes from brook to top of festival area, about 250 ft. (we have to pipes)


Water supply

Build/prepare/install a tub suitable for washing hands, etc. at the end of water pipe


Water supply

Make minor repairs/adjustments to water pump and install near the brook.


Stages (1)

Cut some larger spruce trees in the vicinity and limb. These trees will be chunked up and blocks will be used as base for the stages. They will have to be trimmed to required length as we build the stages.


Stages (2)

Help us assemble the floor panels (13), using plywood and pre-cut 2x4 and 2x6 lumber.


Stages (3)

Sort through some of our slab wood sticks and trim the edges of the better pieces to be used for stage skirts, etc.


Rest area

Build a simple frame to hold up two or three tarps to provide a shaded seating area near every stage.

Display stalls Build 4-5 simple frames to hold up one or two tarps each to provide a shelter for displays and vendor tables.
Stage shelters Build a simple frame over the stages to provide weather protection for performers and sound equipment. Use tarps and/or slabs and spruce poles for roof and three walls (your choice).
Stage props Help us decorate the stages for music, storytelling, skits and the play.

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