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"A sustainable environment is one in which the natural environment, economic development and social life are seen as mutually dependent".
-- Centre for Innovative Education

Coastal Communities Network

NS Public Lands Coalition


We want to share with you some of the beauty of our region and the Bay of Islands Center. We are also proud to show you some of our sustainable living projects as they progress through various stages. Simply select a topic from the table below.

Clearcuts in the Sanctuary
Liscombe Sanctuary
Ocean - Coming Soon Field and Stream - Coming Soon

Bay of Islands
Interpretive Trail Early Stages

March 2002

Excursion to Proposed "North West River Trail"
Kelly Lake Rearing Ponds
Wilson Falls, Round Lake
Boggy Lake Wilderness

June 2002

Community Coasting Party
January 2003

Scouting the
"North East River Trail"

Gaspereax Falls, Hostel, Stonehouse
May 2003

Halifax Regional Trails Team Meeting at Bay of Islands Center

May 23, 2003

Construction of Trail Stop & Interpretive Center - Phase 1

May 2003


Eastern Shore Talent Shows
Feb to Aug 2003
Coming Soon

Stone Soup Festival
August 2, 3, 4, 2003

Bay of Islands
Interpretive Trail and
Hurricane Juan Damage
September 2003
Bay of Islands Maps Bay of Islands People
Coming Soon
Bay of Islands Communities
Coming Soon

Picture of the Month

Trillium plant, found in the forest near the abandonned rearing ponds at Kelly Lake, June 4, 2004

The larger version of this picture is also available. (1020x765 pixels, 89kb)



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